About Us

SIMPLMARKET is a relatively simple idea that started between friends. We wanted to start a service dedicated to helping people find the trendiest urban apparel for men & women, fashion accessories, tech gadgets, wearables & headphones and canvas art.

The SIMPLMARKET team continuously look for the newest deals on the hottest items from suppliers all over the world. You don't have to go a find the treasures yourself, we bring the treasures to you.

We hope you have a delightful and simple shopping experience! Its crucial to us that our users and visitors have the best possible user experience when it comes to online shopping; that means having a simple, enjoyable & swift shopping experience! We are constantly looking to better SIMPLMARKET wether that be a change in setup, interface or any other additional options we can add or create! Your feedback is important to us, its all & everything that matters.

Feel free to reach us by email at info@simplmarket.com or through any of our Social Media platforms for any questions, inquiries, comments or feedback!

Owner & Founder
Karim Tawfic

Feel free to contact me at:

• karim.tawfic@simplmarket.com

• @karim.tawfic on Instagram